Aftercare for Extension

Before the treatment

  • Free of eye make-up. Please remove all residue of mascara and eyeliner.
  • No spray tan

After the treatment (*[E] -extensions)

  • NO water for 8hrs and No hot steam, hot sauna, swimming for 48 hours. Glue cures in 48 hours, so its crucial for good retention.

  • NO sleeping on your face. Sleep on your back or no plushy pillows. If you sleep on your side, protect your eyelash [E] by placing your pillow away from your eyelashes or put your hand between your face and pillow to avoid direct rub against pillow.

  • NO rubbing, twiddling, pulling. Constant repetitive movements on the [E] will loosen the bond and cause the [E] to pop off or can damage the follicle. DO NOT brush the [E] when wet, allow to dry first with cool air.

  • Absolutely NO mascara, liquid/gel liners, organic solvents such as oils, glycerin. These items will dissolve the cyanoacrylate adhesive and cause the [E] to pop off. These items will also cause a sticky, thick build up at the base of the [E], clumping the [E] and natural lashes together which can lead to irritation of the eyes. It is hard to wash these items off the [E] without rubbing off your [E]. Use black eyeshadow and angle brush to draw along lash line instead of liquid/gel liners.

  • Must cleanse lash line daily with a gentle, water-based cleanser. Keep the lash line healthy for healthy lashes. Any build up along the lash line can inhibit proper cellular turnover, blocking the follicle from oxygen, a must for proper germinative cellular reproduction which can lead to lash loss or an over production of bacteria which can lead to infection, dry, irritated eyes or a demodex mite (eyelash mite) infection.

  • Avoid excessive heat and steam. Heat can singe the tips of the [E]. Allow heat to escape from the oven before sticking your head into the heat. Avoid steamy showers as the steam will cause the [E] to straighten. Hair dryers are a big culprit to the wonderful singed tip of the [E].

  • Return for fills regularly. The [E] will grow out with natural lashes daily, and depending on how fast your clients's lashes grow will depend on how often they return for a fill. Fills are required every 2-3 weeks.