If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frames to these windows. Ensure that they are designed to perfection by the hands of a professional brow expert.

Why Permanent Makeup at MicroLine PMU?

  • Fully licensed & insured facility by local Health Dept in NJ.
  • (Many beauty salon offers PMU illegally-check with local Zoning Dept)
  • Bloodbourne Pathogen Certified /OSHA and HIPPA Certified
  • Completed and certified by multiple well-known courses around the world
  • Brand new sterile needle cartridges and complete disposable system
  • Only safe and stable pigment used
  • From many years of beauty background will find your best shape for individual face feature
  • Constant continuing education to be on top of fast moving beauty trend
  • A youthful and perfect look in all situations that last.
  • Immediately after getting up look expressive and therefore save time.


Semi-Permanent Brows give the effect of an extremely realistic look without the hassle of applying make up everyday. Properly shaped eyebrows will enhance and frame the look of your face by giving you a more youthful appearance. We offer different techniques to achieve the result that will look best for each client.
Perfectly contoured and perfectly curved eyebrows give your face more contours and more expression.

Microblading : Realistic hair-like strands are drawn in each brow stroke by hand.

(Scarred/patchy brows/sparse/misshapen/asymmetrical brows who want virtually undetectable alteration anyone looking for a natural look)

The results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as people who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows.
Microshading : Ombre/ Powder effect shaded brows using digital machine.

(Ideal for all skin type including Oily Skin lasts longer than Microblading)
The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them. The results are a natural, flawless, fuller looking brow. Initially, the brows appear darker, but fade significantly over a two week period. It is absolutely crucial to have a touch up done, as it is very difficult to predict how well the skin will retain the pigment. The results can last anywhere from 11 to 18 months, depending on different factors affecting the procedure. However, a touch up once a year is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment.​​

Permanent Eyeliner defines the lash line and enhances the shape of your eyes.
Lash Enhancement not only makes your eyes radiate, your eyelashes appear denser and fuller. For this reason, it is the optimal supplement to the eyeliner. 

We fulfill the dream of perfect lips with no pain. 
Narrow lips are enlarged in a natural way and provided with volume, pale lips color enhanced and uneven lips symmetrically conjured. 
We skillfully lift hanging wound angles, emphasize your lips heart and reconstruct complete lips (after accident or scarring) 3D shades guarantee the WOW effect !!!


The fastest growing hair loss solution in modern history, scalp micropigmentation is becoming the treatment of choice for men and women who want to reverse the appearance of thinning hair.